Our Analytics Suite

Prospective & Retrospective HCC
Magenta produces a rapid, detailed analysis from historical claims data that identifies missing HCCs by members including RAF impact. Output is returned in digital format of customer’s choosing or Magenta’s web-based dashboard.
HCC & Diagnosis Deletes
Magenta's analysis is fine-tuned to identify members with incorrectly assigned HCCs, members at a higher acuity rate than likely appropriate, and members that are under-treated and need more clinical support for their conditions.
Member Segmentation & Prioritization
Member engagement patterns are surfaced to enable review targeting based on actionability. Organization specific rules can be incorporated to tag suspect members and conditions for specific workflow processes.
Coder & Clinician
Productivity Tools

Magenta’s dashboard provides 10x productivity improvements for coders and clinicians by connecting the HCC suspect list to the relevant clinical documentation for rapid validation.


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Full Population

By starting with claims data, our process looks at all members of the population simultaneously. This instantly gives you a holistic view of your patient population.
Acceleration of Clinical Validation. The icon is a paper back book of documentation.
Acceleration of Clinician Validation
Clinicians are provided with the specific member, encounter, and clinical documentation to address the suspected care gaps.
Missing HCCs icon with a gear and ! to accentuate the missing files identified
Missing HCCs

50,000+ rules including local market pattern practices and SDOH factors are used to evaluate members’ existing HCCs and identify care gaps.
Care gap closure icon, An icon with a health record illustrated.
Complete Care
Gap Closure

Magenta confirms that gaps were closed by monthly automated data review with open gaps tracked and reported. Reimbursement for closed gaps is tracked and validated.
Transparency icon to help show findings.
Transparency Behind Logic
Each potential finding for 
a given member can be viewed on a timeline showing all member claim events with underlying reasons highlighted for direct access to data and relevant clinical documentation.
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