About Magenta Care Continuum

A diagram of how Fee-for-service models have evolved over the years to a Value-based-care model.

Healthcare is moving from a reactive “Fee-For-Service” (FFS) model to a more prospective, “Value-Based Care” (VBC) model. VBC represents a complete change in the approach to delivering healthcare that aims to achieve lower costs for a population of patients while aiming to improve the overall health outcomes. At the heart of this transition is the shift from incentivizing volume of care with FFS to incentivizing quality of care with VBC. Changing the approach to providing healthcare requires a change to the same approach when identifying gaps in care. Magenta has developed breakthrough technology to support value-based care organizations and Alternative Payment Models (APMs) to improve overall health outcomes and financial performance.

Magenta provides a risk adjustment analytics suite for Medicare Advantage and ACA plans. Our analytics comprehensively assess and identify care gaps in a member population. We built a clinically informed, statistically based, and transparent HCC suspecting engine which not only finds potential care gaps, but also suggests specific actions needed to quickly and efficiently close them. Magenta requires a very light integration effort for a comprehensive assessment while remaining cost effective. This process is completed with the provider in mind, increasing productivity and minimizing burnout for both medical coders and clinicians.

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