Complete Records for Comprehensive Care

Magenta Care Continuum is on a mission 
to bridge care gaps by connecting health records and mapping what’s missed 
for providers & payers.


What Does Magenta Do?

US healthcare is on a gradual journey from fee for service to fee for value. Value based care is  usually supported with Alternate Payment Models (APM). Payments to providers and payers are adjusted to take into account the health needs of the covered population. Magenta’s mission is to provide data and analytics to improve patient care and financial outcomes related to these populations.

Magenta supports both providers and payers in managing the complex clinical data and analytics  required to prosper in the Alternate PaymentModel (APM) world.  We have introduced advanced analytics to comprehensively assess and identify care gaps in a population.  We improve efficiency in verifying clinical documentation that supports increased payments for populations with greater needs.

Benefits to Providers and Payers:

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plan Sponsors facilitate  care for their members and look to close clinical gaps.
This encompasses a complex process of identifying or confirming medical conditions known as HCCs.
The process requires accessing encounter records, often with many manual steps. Magenta has created solutions to make this activity more accurate and efficient.

How it Works

Full Population Scan
Instead of just looking at recent or upcoming encounter data, Magenta ingests all of a patient’s claims history — instantly giving you a holistic view of your patient population.
HCCs Identified
Our analytics identify missing diagnostic groupings such as HCCs, DRGs, APCs and other risk and care encoding schemes — providing insights into unknown care gaps.
Clinical Validation
Clinicians then review the recommendations through our integrated EHR alerts and digital reporting.
Closing the Gap
And finally, Magenta confirms that gaps were closed.

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Magenta Care Continuum leverages unrivaled expertise in developing artificial intelligence-enabled products. The Magenta team’s vision and mission is to ensure that patient outcomes are optimized by providing the right care when and how they need it most.

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